Premium WordPress Themes

Keeping up your own blog or website can help you earn money and get you noticed while serving as a stepping stone to attaining your dream job. The look of your blog is important. You want something that captures your personality and looks professional. WordPress has a number of themes available that will accomplish just that. A few design and/or IT classes, or online education, will help you learn the ins and outs of owning and operating a website or blog successfully. When you’re ready, there are plenty of themes to choose from. But here are three popular options.

Premium WordPress Themes

Dandelion: $35Premium WordPress Themes

Dandelion gives you many options when it comes to customization. Changing the theme and color scheme is super simple and an image editor most likely won’t be needed. Dandelion features three portfolio galleries that are great for professionally presenting projects you’re working on. This theme is a great choice for the artistic type because you can showcase a number of thumbnails with a few different galleries and different transitions and effects to boost the presentation.

Immense: can be purchased with 24 additional themes for $49

Immense is a photographer’s dream. It is a great tool for photojournalist to tell an entire story through photography. Captions can be included on the pictures in a semi-transparent greyish color that blends into the picture when not clicked on. This theme is essentially a full screen slideshow. It was created with the intent to showcase your talent while fading into the background. The features have been created to translate smoothly onto the iPad, iPhone or any other portable devices. Drop down menus are available to keep all the links off of the pictures that should be the focal point. Choose from over 100 font options through Google Fonts. Additionally, blog posts can be viewed on a different page and HD video is supported.

Infinity: free                                                      

This free theme was designed by Zhang Yichi who is the mastermind behind Vikiworks Studio.  This theme is professional looking and fully functional. You can integrate thumbnails into it and link your Twitter account, Flickr and Delicious. The page layout is presented in a fixed 3 column design that can be altered to suit your personal preference. The 3 column layout is great for separating the page while keeping things together at the same time. One section could be used for blog posts and the other two could be synced with your social media pages, like Facebook and Twitter. This free theme provides a lot of options and a customizable professional look.

You can lure visitors to your site with these clean and professional looking designs. Then use your content to hook them and keep them coming back for more.