Using Expired Domains To Increase Your Web Traffic

Using expired domain names can be a great way to get cheap web traffic to a new site, or even to generate extra traffic to an existing one. Every day, thousands of domain names expire. There can be many reasons for this, sometimes the sites owner just forgets to renew, sometimes they don’t need the domain or perhaps the owners company has gone out of business. In any case, whatever the reason, buying an expired domain can be an excellent way to tap into some instant web traffic.

Using Expired Domains To Increase Your Web Traffic

Using Expired DomainsFirst of all you can usually buy an expired domain for very little money. There are some great services that specialize in listing domains that have just been dropped, or ones that are about to be. You can search by many factors including estimated traffic, page rank, and domain age etc.

Picking up a page rank 2 or 3 domain can be a great way to get instant traffic as these sites will be generating traffic through their search engine rankings. Of course, if you can find an expired domain name that matches your main business then all the better – this will mean that you have a better chance of getting targeted traffic which should convert well. Just do a quick 301 redirect to your own site and the traffic will be transferred from the expired domain. Best of all the major search engines don’t penalize the expired domain for this and the Page Rank benefits are passed to your main site.

Using Expired DomainsThe next way to use expired domains to generate web traffic is simply to buy the traffic they generate. There are many third party suppliers who will sell you traffic from expired domains. This is normally done in one of two ways. First of all is by buying a link on a holding page.

Each expired domain has, as its root page, a holding page full of adverts and links out to other sites. Buying a banner or link on such a page can generate instant traffic. Similarly, there are suppliers who will provide you with a certain number of hits to your site, hits which are bought in blocks of say 10k or more.

These hits are redirected from large numbers of expired domains to your site although the surfer usually does not see the holding page in between. This is usually a bit more expensive than renting a link on a page, but you can usually specify search terms for the visitors and even geographic locations where they come from.

Expired domains are a very useful way to get instant web traffic that can even be quite targeted in nature. Because it’s usually very cheap it’s a great way to test offers or new products out and to boost visitor numbers with very little work. You never know you might even get some sales from someone’s discarded domain name.

If you are interested in picking up some expired domains for your website then let us help you out.