Making a Digital Cartoon Monkey

Making a Digital Cartoon Monkey tutorial – This basic tutorial requires some basic drawing knowledge and a computer graphics program like Corel or Photoshop (off course you can also try it the traditional way too with paint and a canvas) .

Making a Digital Cartoon Monkey tutorial - color palletMaking a Digital Cartoon Monkey tutorial

The main objective is not to create an exact replica of the cartoon monkey displayed above, but to further develop your digital artistic skills. Our color pallet selected contains seven colors, two shades of tan, two shades of brown, two shades of creme and blue for the eye.Making a Digital Cartoon Monkey tutorial - basic shapes

First you need to the individual shapes that will come together to create the image, start with the head, add the arms, the eyes, the hair etc Select a drawing tool that has a pixel thickness of 3 or 4. Taper off the lines around the corners to make it look more natural.

After you have the basic shapes designed, use a select tool to grab the individual components and align them into the correct spots combining them together to form the image. You may need to change the order to witch the layers are to make the image look better.

Making a Digital Cartoon Monkey tutorialA brush tool can be used to add the shade and highlight colors to the monkey’s skin and facial parts of your digital cartoon Monkey. Now try these techniques to make other cartoon animals.  Also check out our other tutorials such as making a cartoon Lizard or making a cartoon Dog