Protecting Your Online Privacy

Protecting Your Online Privacy

Most recently, YouTube tackled the ongoing problem of anonymous users leaving negative and hurtful comments on videos by urging users to link their YouTube identity to their Google+ account, this they are protecting your online privacy. By using real names and pictures linked to real people, the company hopes that users will think twice about leaving nasty comments, since those comments are now tied to their real persona. Meanwhile, a vast number of websites and blogs have moved towards using Facebook comments to facilitate discussion. The premise is the same as YouTube’s most recent move – to help stem abuse from anonymous comments by linking them to real people.Protecting Your Online Privacy

This is just one of the many ways that online social media is pulling back the curtain when it comes to online privacy. As social media expands, so does the use of personal information and preferences on a major scale. An increasing number of social media networks are encouraging users to create an online persona that closely matches or even mirrors their real-life information.

With social media profiles being used as both identification and credentials for a widening array of websites and online apps, it is no surprise to see the concept of online privacy fading away before your very eyes.

Exposing personal information on such a wide scale can cause problems for casual users, many who are oblivious to the dangers surrounding a lack of online privacy. For instance, releasing too much personal information could result in identity theft. Unscrupulous individuals can easily piece together enough bits and pieces of personal info to easily create a fraudulent identity. Stalkers and harassers often use personal information found on social media pages to target their victims.

Protecting Your Online PrivacyAnother danger involves having your information used to slander or discredit your personal being or any company you represent throughout the Internet. This is one problem that businesses and entrepreneurs must deal with on a daily basis, either from disgruntled customers, competitors or saboteurs. Having personal information readily available without taking the proper precautions can do more harm than good to businesses as well as individuals.

Several organizations, including, feature resources for individuals and enterprises to combat the dangers surrounding a lack of online privacy. What is You may ask yourself. It’s a resource founded by leading cyberthinker Michael Fertik that seeks to help small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals maintain their online reputation. These companies specialize in establishing and maintaining a positive online presence while granting businesses and individuals greater control over their online persona and private data.