Website Hosting

We offer website hosting with full support for Microsoft Frontpage server extensions, PHP, Perl, CGI scripting languages and much more. We have a few packages that are popular, the first package enables you to create a truly dynamic and interactive web site with your own unique domain name. Our hosting that we provide for our clients is done thru our partner web site HostPit has been onlne and providing web site hosting for over eight years.

Website Hosting

Hostpit - Website HostingWeb sites is what the internet was created for and now you can take full advantage of that now, you just need to let your imagination run free as you build a site on powerful servers with numerous features. 150 MB of file storage space will give you plenty of room to store your pages, images, and scripts, as well as any other files. With a gigabyte of bandwidth or 1000 Mb of data transfer, you never need worry about visitors not being able to access your site again. This package gives you the power of some of the larger commercial sites, but at a fraction of the cost. It’s perfect for home and personal use.

Most websites use less then 100 mb of space.

Website HostingOur second popular package was designed with the small business; NPO organization and common every day work at home entrepreneur in mind. It allows you to operate a professional web site with all the common perks that you commonly see on the internet including full support for all the major scripting languages, including PHP, Perl and ASP. With 350 MB of disk space and now with 2 gigabyte of bandwidth or 2000 Mb of data transfer this will allow to run a thriving business on the large expanding digital world wide web.

The Pro Package is where all the big guns started and is exactly where you should start if you want to get ahead of your competition. In fact all of the web sites that we design including our own use this package.

Web site Hosting is one of the many web site related services  that we offer.

For more information about this then feel free to contact us or browse the Host Pit website for more information

Note: Most of the web sites packages that we offer include this service at no extra cost.