Great ways for creative students to make money

Whether you’re living in a dorm or taking online classes, money always seems to be tight for students. Luckily, there are a few legitimate ways to make money online while still having enough time to study and relax with friends.

Design websites

Great ways for creative students to make moneyIf you grew up coding Myspace pages or are working on your IT Degree, you may have a very good shot at doing freelance web design. Most bloggers start their sites because they have a story to tell and they enjoy writing, so the design element falls by the wayside. Start looking for poorly designed sites that are starting to gain some ground (check for sites with a page rank of about 2-3), and contact their owners to see if they’d like their page updated. You can set up a phone meeting with them and discuss what they’d like to see happen.

Great ways for creative students to make money

As with all design work, be sure to put a cap on the number of redesigns you’ll do for them or you’ll end up spending all of your time on one client. Be very clear about your abilities and your vision for the final design to eliminate any misconceptions early on.

Once you’ve designed a site, ask the owner to refer friends to you and to act as a professional reference in the blogosphere. Bloggers tend to closely follow each other, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly word-of-mouth can get your name out there.

Sell stock photos:

Sell stock photos to make moneyThe rise of the internet has seen the deterioration of the planned photo. Journalists, bloggers and website owners all reach for stock photos when there isn’t enough time or there aren’t enough people to capture an image. Popular sites like Adsense andShutterstock will buy images from a photographer and pay them anywhere from a quarter to several dollars for each image.

If you decide to sell photos online, realize that you’re competing with hundreds of other freelance photographers. You’ll need a DSLR camera to capture high-quality images and fast movement. Think of the sort of photos you see on websites, and aim to take photos that go with popular stories. For example, few people are going to be interested in a picture of a random group of people. Many sites use photos of roads leading out into the distance to talk about future events.

Stock sites often let you sell your photos repeatedly, so be sure it has enduring appeal as well. Always edit your images and use appropriate keywords so they can easily be found within a database.

Write online:

Write online to make moneyFreelance writing has always been the refuge of the creative. Writing online can be a bit trickier, but it can also be moderately profitable. When you’re first starting out, it’s easiest to begin writing for bloggers that have an Adsense profit sharing program. There are also a few sites out there that will pay a flat fee (usually around $5) for fresh content.

The trick is to be able to write well and quickly. Slow writers won’t be able to cover the cost of the coffee they’ll consume writing their posts. It also helps to have a varied knowledge base. There might be a ton of video game sites out there, but there are also a ton of gamers. Being able to find an unpopulated niche is key to building up your portfolio quickly. Look for sites about knitting instead of just sites about crafts, and you’ll more than double your odds of being able to post.

If selling plasma doesn’t seem like a solid way to make money during your college years, remember to cash in on the skill set you already have. No matter how you choose to make money, be sure that you’re following your passion and your strengths to produce the best work possible.