Google Analytics: A Gold Standard In Web Traffic Analysis Tools

Google Analytics: A Gold Standard In Web Traffic Analysis Tools

Gold Standard In Web Traffic Analysis Tools

Google analytics is an amazing service from the king of the search providers, and best of all its free.  Getting tons of visitors to your website is the ultimate aim of most web masters, but the fact of the matter is that this doesn’t necessarily equate to high sales. Just ask anyone who has a website or websites that hits the front page of the major social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg or Propeller. They will tell you that masses of un-targeted traffic can actually sometimes be a bad thing.

You see, a sudden influx of un-targeted traffic can bring down your server and cause a disruption to your service. This takes time to fix and may even mean that you are missing out of real genuine buyers. A constant stream of targeted web traffic that converts to buyers is of far more value to you as an online business owner.

Google Analytics

But how do you tell where your visitors are coming from? Can you tell which methods of web promotion are working, and which ones aren’t?Do you know which pages attract the most traffic and can you identify which keywords people are searching for when they find your site? Do you even know which of your pay per click campaigns are making money and which ones are losing you it in spades?

Well, without some web traffic analytics software the answer to these questions is probably no. The thing is, there is really no excuse for not finding out this information, since the best web traffic analysis tools are free. To most people, web traffic analysis software means one of the free traffic analysis tools that come with their web hosting packages. While these tools can give some insight into your traffic sources and broad numbers of visitors, they are just too inaccurate to be of any real value. What you really need is a service that can provide in-depth tracking of visitors, which pages they visit and even how long they spend on your site. That’s where Google Analytics comes in.

Google analytics is an amazing service from the king of the search providers, and best of all its free. Just register for an account and you are given a small piece of code that you insert into every web page that you want tracked. If you run a WordPress blog you can even get a free widget that does this all for you. The stats that you get back are just amazing. You can track almost any aspect of your visitors behavior including where they came from what they were searching for, which page they landed on and which one they left from. How long they spent on the site, were they a new or returning visitor and even where in the world they came from and which language they use. In fact, interpreting Google analytics data is a whole science in itself.

It can take a bit of time to get used to the data, but once you know your way around its easy to spot pages that are under performing, which keywords are getting the most attention and even which pay per click campaigns are making you money. This information helps you to tweak your site and advertising efforts to get the best possible return on your investments.

Best of all, did we mention that Google Analytics a free service provided by Google?

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