Is Free Hosting A Good Solution?

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Is Free Hosting A Good Solution?

If you are planning on starting a website, you might be thinking of whether you should opt for free hosting. Unfortunately, no one can give you a direct yes or no answer. In the end, it comes down to whether you can afford paid hosting and if free hosting will meet your requirements. It is in the human mind to take up anything that is free; we can not really do anything about it. If you run a business and are planning of starting a business website, you should not even think about free hosting. It will bring your reputation down to zero. Free hosting is never reliable, hence the term “free”.

Free Hosting - Computer GeekHave you ever thought of how free hosting companies make money? When you make a website on a free host, it will get published and be publicly view-able. The hosting company will then add advertisements on your website. The advertisers will be paying the hosting company, not you. This is how free hosting companies make their money.

Once you create a website, they will combine your website with tons of ads to support them. This option is fine for individuals who are perhaps experimenting or starting out, however being a professional, you can not afford to lose your reputation, therefore most often a business web site with advertisements is not a pleasant site and it will turn down potential clients.

There are tons of free hosting sites that are offering this type of service. Many of them do not stick around for long. The hosting industry is a very competitive one, and people come in thinking they can make a quick buck. In the end, they leave people like us stranded with lost data files. When you sign up for a free host, you will be provided with your own URL. In most cases it will be a sub domain in one of the two formats; www. OR

Not only is this not a pleasant domain name, but it is quite long. Let’s say your website picks up on some traffic; your website will be turned into a money making machine. Unfortunately, your hosting company will be making all the money from the ads, which a loss for you. At the same time, if you plan on moving your site to another “paid host”, you will be loosing the traffic that is redirected to your old domain. Free hosting sites will not spend the extra money to have secure servers with daily backups. So, if anything occurs such as a data breach or server crash, you will most likely loose all your websites files. Free hosting is never reliable as they can have a high percentage of downtime.

If you have paid hosting, you will be offered customer support. As for free hosting, there is no support at all. You will not be able to speak to someone or email someone and expect a response. The phrase, “you get what you pay for” is very true in this scenario. As web developers, we suggest you only use free hosting to test websites files, but not to actually make an on-line presence with them.