Does submitting to directories help your SEO campaign?

Web Design Questions – Does submitting to directories help your SEO campaign?

When it comes to trying to get your web site noticed by the big search engines, there are many trends that come and go, such as submitting your web site to directories and search engines. Nobody knows the exact formula on what the search engines like, so they try different things to get noticed. Once they see that a method they are using has gained some traction, they then try to smooth out the kinks, to really optimize the technique. By the time that they optimize the technique, they might end up with something entirely new.Have any Web Design Questions

Submitting your web site

This new technique, may come at the cost of totally forgetting the original ideal that worked. Submitting links to directories, seems to be a forgotten art form when it comes to SEO techniques. Even though it is an old technique, it can still create dividends, if you pay even the smallest amount of attention to it.

 Several years ago, you could count on directories to be able to bring you a good amount of traffic. The average web user was still used to the yahoo model of man made directories. The person would feel comfortable bookmarking several different directories to be able to find new web sites.

Even though Google has been around since 1999, their search feature was still just an afterthought to the average user. But as soon as people were able to see what Google offered in terms of finding new web sites, directories were abandoned in what seems like overnight. What was once the main way to discover a new web site, was tossed to the side, so that people could “search” for new web sites instead. Keywords were the new king of the block and there was no looking back.

Web Design Questions - DMOZ lizardSome people may still use directories to find web sites, but for people in SEO, directories have taken on a whole new meaning. Now instead of bringing new traffic, they are used for linking purposes. Directories are still looked at as a good thing, by all of the major search engines. If you are on a well respected directory, then a link from them can mean a lot. Directories will bring you a lot of links that the search engines will register, in a short amount of time. This is why there are still services out there, of people offering to manual link your web site in hundreds of directories. It still holds a place in making your SEO campaign really work.

Directories are not to be taking lightly by anyone who is trying to run an SEO campaign. They are still great for showing the search engines that you have links pointing to you from authoritative web sites. They may not be great for bringing in traffic anymore but they sure do help you when it comes to links.

Here are a few directories that we recommend to get you started, each offer various methods of getting your site added. You can use the free method or pay a small admin fee (witch helps the directory better help your site) to get your link better exposure, such as a featured category top link etc.Web Design Questions - Maritime Web Design Light house

Directory Submission is one of the many web site related services  that we offer. For more information about this then feel free to contact us. Note: All of the web sites packages that we offer include this service at no extra cost.