Ways to Generate Social Media Friendly Content


Generate Social Media Friendly Content

Ways to Generate Social Media Friendly ContentHere on Maritime Web Design, you have picked up some of the basics of good SEO, which enables your content to climb the ranks on search engines. But if there is one shortcoming of focusing too obsessively on SEO, it’s that users write content so that only search engines will notice, instead of writing content that PEOPLE will notice.

Of course, if you have higher visibility on search engines, the chances that more people will be exposed to your material significantly increases. But optimizing your content for social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Google +, etc., guarantees not just exposure, but increases your odds of securing a mass and diverse audience. Here are a few tips for writing content that will more easily catch on with social media.

Pay special attention to article titles

Ways to Generate Social Media Friendly ContentThe title is the first, and for those posting on sites like Facebook, the online thing that readers see when browsing their news feeds. Getting someone to click an article is the first step in getting that reader to share it. As such, spend as much (perhaps even more) time and consideration on your article title as the body of the content itself. Make your titles startling, controversial, funny, or otherwise engaging. For more tips on writing attention-grabbing articles, check out this SEO Moz article.

Motivate readers to share

For any reader to share an article, they have to have some sort of motivating factor to do so. Of course, you shouldn’t flat out tell your readers in your article to share what you’ve written; there are various ways you can motivate in a more subtle manner. For example, if you are writing an article that gives tips for losing weight, include a tip which outlines the benefits of exercising and dieting with a partner. When someone reads your article, they’ll feel motivated to share with a potential weight loss partner. Motivating readers to share means making your content truly social.

Carefully examine what friends and acquaintances are sharing

Ways to Generate Social Media Friendly ContentCarefully look through your Twitter and Facebook news feeds to see what types of articles are popularly shared and liked, and see how you can replicate the type of information transmitted. For example, I’ve found that articles which are usually shared frequently are those that discuss interest studies, are humorous, timely, or provide useful information for accomplishing a specific task.

Of course, these aren’t the only aspects of content that catches on fire on social media. And a large part of the equation is pure, dumb luck. At the same time, if you carefully study how social media works, you’ll be able to drum up content that’s will get lots of shares, quickly spreading on Facebook, Twitter, and beyond.

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